PE Vision & Sports Funding Statement

Eggbuckland Vale Primary School

PE Vision

Our vision statement for PE and School sport at EVPS is to provide an extra curricular programme of activities that are broad and wide-ranging designed to include all levels of ability. To do so we will work with a number of partners such as:

- Plymouth School Sports Partnership

- School Games Network

- Eggbuckland Community College

- External Providers

- Family Support Advisor

You can see the P.E. action plan for this school year here.

School Sports Funding

As part of the government Sports Premium initiative Eggbuckland Vale received grant funding of £9706 for the 2015/16 school year

Below is a breakdown of the way in which we have spent our school sports funding over the current financial year. We have taken a blended approach of improving participation in different types of sport; improving resources and professional development opportunities for staff to improve quality of teaching; providing opportunities with qualified coaches.


Sports Premium Objectives for spending 2015/16

Subscription to Plymouth School Sports Partnership £3500

Increase range of after-school sports clubs available to pupils across the school and subsidising of costs for sports clubs £800

Transport and entry fees for competitions £200

Provide staff with CPD training in specific aspects of PE curriculum £800

Extend opportunities for lunchtime physical activities in both KS1 and KS2, alongside developing pupil leadership roles as playground buddies and house captains £2500 resourcing £200

Change 4 Life course to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices for targeted pupils £1500

Fund Bike-ability and Balance-ability training £105


You can see a full statement of the 2014/15 year here.

Plymouth School Sports Partnership

For the full details of the opportunities provided by PSSP see the following website:

This year, to date we have benefitted from:

Bike-ability training

Weekly specialist P.E teaching from link secondary teacher

Interschool competitions in football, rowing, indoor athletics, boccia with future events in athletics, tag rugby, tennis and hockey already planned

CPD for staff – P.E conferences, training courses, working alongside sports coaches and PE specialist teachers

You can click here to see a list of events that the pupils of EVPS have participated in during the first four terms of the 2015/16 school year in association with PSSP.

Everyone Active

All year 4 pupils are given the opportunity to undertake an intensive 3 week swimming course – with a lesson every day. Qualified coaches and transport costs are covered.


An audit of resources was undertaken and a wide range of resources were bought to update and improve the resources available for a range of activities – both indoors and outdoors.

An audit of staff competencies has also been undertaken and opportunities for further CPD have been planned.

Another useful website for information is:


NSPCC Helpline  

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